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Herzlich Willkommen! Welcome!

Neuigkeiten / News


15.08.2021 3rd Fotoshooting with/by K.Steinkamp Fotografie

Last friday we had our 3rd Fotoshooting with the gang, which are 7,5 weeks old now.

Time to say GoodBye will come sooner then we want.

3rd Fotoshooting


02.08.2021 2nd Fotoshooting with/by K.Steinkamp Fotografie

On Friday, 30th of July, our 2nd Fotoshooting took place. The puppies are now 5,5 weeks old.

Again many Thanks to Katie for the great pictures.

Currently no puppy available.

2nd Fotoshooting


28.07.2021 Fotoshooting with/by K.Steinkamp Fotografie

Many Thanks to Katie for the great pictures.



16.07.2021 A-Litter pictures

First pictures available (click to open):

Pictures of the Mating

Puppies 0 - 3 Weeks


03.07.2021 Great News from Norway

 Today we received great News from Norway. 

Kitou's Dream Caerus Newt Blue (Newt Blue), son of Kitou's Dream Athene & Montego Blue vom Egelschütz, finished in Trondheim with his last needed points and now is titled NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!

The Team would like to congratulate Elin and Tone for this great result.


22.06.2021 A-Litter Puppies born

We're proud to announce, that Rania as of today gave birth to 6 puppies (3/3). Unfortunately and despite the fact, that we did all we could do, 1 puppy became a new starchild.

Run free little Apache.

Apache de Moonshara *22.06.2021 - + 22.06.2021

All others and Rania are doing very well.


21.05.2021 We're pregnant

Pregnancy is confirmed.


 23./24.04.2021 Mating of Rania

Rania mated Juego on the 23rd and 24th of April, 2021. 

Now we hope for puppies around June, 2021.


Rania d'Aquivelt - CANT, VB1 - (SS Mirta d'Aquivelt x MultiChampion Kent d'Aquivelt)

HD: B1, ED: 0/0, SDCA1 N/N, SDCA2 N/N, Formwert V


Juego Peligroso du Domaine de Vauroux - BH, VT - (Ventadour de Condivicnum x Glamour du Domaine de Vauroux)

HD: B1, ED: 0/0, SDCA1 N/N, SDCA2 N/N, Formwert V


13.02.2021 Happy News

Ontario Blue had nice talks with Pacha van't Herent. As a result, puppies are expected.

We would like to THANK YOU ,Lutgarde Kennes, for trusting in Ontario Blue again.

The mating planned for Rania will be prepared soon. Only the Virus could cause some little changes.


17.06.2020 International Champion FCI

Effective 04th of June, 2020, the FCI granted the title "Champion International d'Exposition" (C.I.E) to Ontario Blue.

The entire team is very happy about this great result.

Well done "little" boy!


10.06.2020 Life is a fucking bitch!

Today we had to let Montego go over the Rainbow bridge.


Montego Blue from Engelschütz suffered from an insulinoma. It is an insulin producing cancer of the pancreas. Unfortunately, this grew invasively into the caudal vena cava, making it that he had to be euthanized in the operation.


According to the vet's statement, the insulinoma is not genetic.
It tooks 3 weeks from the first symptom to his death.



01.03.2020 IHA Graz, Austria

The team made a successfull trip to Austria with Ontario Blue.

First success: Lena's driving licence, she searched for about 1 year, was found in the car.

Second success: We had a nice hotel in town, where dogs stay free!

On sunday, Ontario Blue was entered in Champion Class and achieved Exc1 and CACA. Finally he was awarded CACIB and BOB by judge Mrs. Ingram from Ireland.

This result now allows us to ask for the title International Champion (C.I.E) for Ontario Blue.

The entire team is more then happy.


28.02.2020 News from all over the World

So many things happened the last few weeks. Here‘s an overview:


After Montego Blue:

USA - Secret Scandal av Vikholmen was granted GRAND CHAMPION USA

Lithuania – Rocket Man de la Belgerie was granted BELARUS CHAMPION

Atlante Ryto Saule was granted LITHUANIA ChAMPION

Arija Ryto Saule was granted LITHUANIA CHAMPION

Netherlands – Hautesse Catch me if you can (Medusa) will enlarge Kennel Hautesse.

She is pregnant.

In addition she passed the VZH exam

Hautesse Crystal Shining Surprise passed the VZH exam


After Ontario Blue:

Great Britain – Sky Blue van‘t Herent won his first shows.


We are happy and proud about all these great results and we are thankfull, that all our kids are healthy and loved by their owners! 


13.01.2020 Great News from the UK

We received great news from Great Britain.

@ the Boston (GB) DogShow, Sky Blue van't Herent (Laiza van't Herent x Ch. Ontario Blue vom Egelschütz)

achieved Best Puppy (BP) and RBO.

Well done Team - we're very proud!


10.11.2019 Hot News from the NDS @ Akademija, Kaunas (LT)


Atlantė Ryto Saulė - CAC, N, BOS & Winner „AKADEMY TROPHY‘19“
Arija Ryto Saulė - excellent
Amadėjus Ryto Saulė (owner Nomeda M.) CAC, N, BOB, BIG 5 & Winner „AKADEMY TROPHY‘19“


 Atlantė Ryto Saulė - CAC, N, BOS & „LKMS WINNER’19 “

Arija Ryto Saulė - CAC, N, BOS, „LKMS WINNER’19 “
Amadėjus Ryto Saulė (owner Nomeda M.) CAC, N, BOB, „LKMS WINNER’19 “


Huge Congratulations to the entire Team "Kennel Ryto Saule" !



         07.10.2019 DKBS Autumn Speciality, Syke (D)

Team de Moonshara attended the DKBS Autumn Speciality in Syke, near Bremen. It was Rania d'Aquivelt only - the Blue Brother's enjoyed free time with a friend.

Rania achieved in Open Class an Exc under judge Mrs. Thevenon-Whir from France. Well done Rania and Lena.

With this result we could ask for the Breeding allowance for Rania.

She was certified with an Exc by judge Mrs. Meike Krug.

Rania d'Aquivelt is now officially a brood bitch!

Team de Moonshara is very proud of her.


07.09.2019 Germany

With bittersweet memories we are happy to announce, that Montego Blue‘s father Fledder di Scottatura posthumously was awarded with the title PR (Awarded Race Representative) by the DKBS, DE. The title PR is the highest selection level, a belgian shepherd can gain in Germany, followed by the selection title ER (Excellent Race Representative). Montego Blue was selected ER in 2015 by the DKBS already.

RiP Fledder – the good ones always die way to young !


24./25.08.2019 News from Selbu, Norway

Big congratulations to Elin, Eskil and Siri with great results at their first exhibition :
Puppy class 4 - 6 months:

 Kitou's Dream Caerus Newt Blue (Newt)
24/8 No. 1, HP, 1 BM, BOB & BOG 3 PUPPY
25/8 No. 1, HP, 1 BM, BOB & BOG 3 PUPPY

 Kitou's Dream Cybele Athene (Kita)
24/8 No. 1, HP, 1 BF, BOS
25/8 No. 1 


Montego Blue and the entire team are very proud!


24./25.08.2019 60th Speciality CFCBB. Aubigny s/Nere (F)

The Blue Brother's attended the Champion Class Tervueren under the honorable judges

E.Boriero (IT) and M.Casado (ES) and despite the inhuman heat late afternoon (36 degrees Celsius) both did a great job and finished Exc4 (Montego Blue) and Exc (Ontario Blue).

Thanks to Lena and Gabi for their exquisite handling of our boys.

The next day both attended the Breeder‘s group „vom Egelschütz“ and the group was placed No.2.

With the show results we could attend the Selections the next day, too.


Ontario Blue vom Egelschütz

(MultiChampion p.E. Diego de la Prairie de la Somerau x ER, PR, MultiChampion Kessy vom Egelschütz)


                                                        NE 2018                       ChampionClass  Exc        CSAU & TAN  Exc           Not selected for sr

                                                        NE 2019                        ChampionClass Exc                                                 Not selected for sr


                                                                    VDH Ych, VDH Ch, 4 Siblings


Montego Blue vom Egelschütz

(MultiChampion Se, sR Fledder di Scottatura x ER, PR, MultiChampion Kessy vom Egelschütz)


                                                        NE 2017                         ChampionClass Exc4,     CSAU & TAN Exc              Not selected for sr

                                                        NE 2018                         ChampionClass Exc5                                                 Not selected for sr

                                                        NE 2019                         ChampionClass Exc4                                                 Not selected for sr


WorldWinner '17, VDH European Winner '18, VDH Ych, Ch FCI, VDH, DKBS, BSD, LUX, AUT & NL, DKBS ClubWinner '17, 30+ BOB …...

Selected ER by DKBS (DE), selected Se by BHCN (NL)

34 Siblings, amongst them several Champions already


Whether this is judged positively onegatively is in the eye of the beholder .


In addition we are very proud of REGGAE DE LA BELGERIE. Montego Blue‘s daughter did it like Daddy and finished Exc4, too.



05.08.2019 News from the Country Side

This years 11th IRA Bremen was moved from the city of Bremen to Hude-Wüsting near Oldenburg.
Instead of sticky exhibition halls we enjoyed fresh country air.

The results we could achieve under judge G.Althoff (DE):

RANIA D'AQUIVELT in Open Class for the very first time: placed Excellent
MONTEGO BLUE VOM EGELSCHÜTZ in Champion Class: Excellent 1
In addition Montego Blue was awarded CAC, CACIB and BOB.

Therefore Montego Blue is the first „Weser-Ems bellt“ Winner. *lol*
We tried Rania/Montego Blue in Pair-class, but as nearly usual, Tervueren go in and out. Nontheless it was a nice experience.

We enjoyed a beautiful day Open Air with lots of Belgian-infected people and good talks.

Many Thanks to Lena for handling so great, especially after a hard „Ed Sheeran Concert“ night.



07.07.2019 From the Kid in America

At the Show in Monroe, Mi,  Ch Secret Scandal av Vikholmen (Hawk) lined up with  BOB and a four-point major towards his grand championship!

We are very happy and proud!

Well done, Team US!


06.07.2019 Character Test 1

As of today, Rania passed the character test 1 and her offspring examination, both with the DKBS.

Many THANKS to the team!


03.07.2019 Sad News from Belgium

We lost 3 puppies and Laiza needed to undergo a surgery.

Right now Laiza and the 4 puppies are doing pretty well.


26.06.2019 Kennel "van't Herent", Belgium

We are thankful and happy about 7 lovely puppies (3M/4F), being born on the 26th of June, 2019 at Kennel „van't Herent“ in Belgium.

Parents are Ontario Blue vom Egelschütz and Laiza van't Herent.

Laiza and the puppies are doing pretty well.

Thank you Lutgarde for your trust in Ontario Blue – we are very happy!

Enjoy your time with the little ones and have fun.


For more informations or/and interest in the S-Litter „van't Herent“ you can contact Lutgarde or me.



17.06.2019 Rock(y) me Amadeus

 Rock'n Roll in Wels, Austria @ the European Dogshow 2019 !

Montego Blue's sibling Rocket Man de la Belgerie rocked the two shows last weekend in Austria.

He achived

European Junior Winner 2019


Austrian Junior Winner 2019


Best Junior both days !!!

We have been speechless and celebrated this huge results like crazy.

Many Thanks to Loreta and Lukas.

On the picture below you'll find a comparison :-) Guess, who's who.. :-)


13.06.2019 News from Belgium

Puppies expected end of June 

Ontario Blue vom Egelschütz (Diego de la Prairie de la Sommerau x Kessy vom Egelschütz)
will be father soon.
He married the lovely Laiza van't Herent (Fausto van't Herent x Ghina van't Herent).
If you are interested please contact Lutgarde Kennes via loveprivacie@hotmail.com .
Our SPECIAL THANKS to Ute Becker for the outstanding collage.


13.05.2019 Lithuania again

Beautiful day @ Jonava NDS ⭐️
Atlantė Ryto Saulė achieved JUNIOR WINNER and BEST OF BREED!????
and closed her Lithuanian Junior Champion!!!❤️
Judge - L. Mazina
Also Amadėjus Ryto Saulė (owner Nomeda Mikalauskiene) achieved JUNIOR WINNER and BEST OF BREED!!! AND also closed his Lithuanian Junior Champion!!!

 We now celebrate 4 Junior Champions from Kennel Ryto Saule!

We are very proud!

29.04.2019 Kids Weekend

The entire Team enjoyed the informations, we received from



@ the NDS Alytus,Lithuania, Rocket Man de la Belgerie achieved under judge Maria Ceccarelli (I) EXC 1, JCAC and BOS !
With this result he now holds the titles of LTJCH,LVJCH,ESTJCH and BALTICJCH !!


Atlantė Ryto Saulė did great job and passed the Lithuanian herding test !



We received a hardcopy of the norwegian "Belger Bladet".

Besides mentioning our daughter "Troya" and the results of the best "Showgirl" 2019, Mia, the magazine contained 2 pages of our "families" in Norway.

 We are very thankful about the trust of the breeders and that many of Montego Blue's siblings perform so well and are happy and healthy.


16.04.2019 Another Winner in Lithuania

Place: "KAUNO PAVASARIS‘2019“ ir „ LKMS TAURĖ‘2019“

Starring: Rocket Man de la Belgerie

2x. JCAC, 2x. BOS, Best Junior.

Huge Congrats to Lukas and fingers crossed for the EDS!


15.04.2019 Ooops, they did it again

Lithuania was calling - two points!

Place: "KAUNO PAVASARIS‘2019“ ir „ LKMS TAURĖ‘2019“

Starring: Auksė Ryto Saulė - JUNIOR WINNER and BEST OF BREED!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ under  judge Gerard Cox on the 13th of April.

Ooops she did it again: JUNIOR WINNER under  judge Tatjana Romanovskaya on the 14th of April.

This smells like another LT JUNIOR Champion! 

Huge congratulations to Jurga, Akvile and Gabriele for their magnificent job!


31.03.2019 Rock me Amadeus

The Blue Brother's and team visited Salzburg, Austria - the City where the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

They attended the IHA Salzburg. On a short notice, the judge was changed to Mrs. Doppelreiter from Austria.

Well, the Boys took it smoothly as it was. Ontario Blue achieved Exc3 in Open Class, Montego Blue was eager to rock the House.

Exc1, CACA, CACIB, BOB and ALPENSIEGER - Rock'n Roll !

We are very happy, that our dogs presented themselves so well - in- and outside the Ring.

Many Thanks to the Team for being 1700 km on the Road again.

Well Done!


25.03.2019 Lithuania calling

Great results from Kennel Ryto Saule @ KKMC Pavasario 2019/ Lt

Amadejus Ryto Saule: V1, CAC, BOB, Youthwinner
Atlante Ryto Saule: V1, CAC, BOB, Youthwinner

Amadejus Ryto Saule: V1, CAC, BOB, Youthwinner
Atlante Ryto Saule: VG

Huge congratulations to Nomeda and JurGA for these great results!


In addition Arija Ryto Saule was appointed

Lithuanian Junior Champion !


Yessssss - the entire Team is totally proud!


28.02.2019 Breaking News from Norway

ALL BLACK - not only a famous Rugby Team from New Zealand, but also all puppies!

Kitou's Dream Athene today gave birth to 3 Males and 4 Females. Mum and puppies are pretty well.

Montego Blue and the entire are totally happy.

Big kisses to Athene and Tone.

 24.02.2019 Happy News from Norway

Puppies coming soon.....

We are totally happy.... Great News from Kaunas, Lithuania 

WOW, what a weekend for Jurga (Kennel Ryto Saule, LT) and her „Kids“ Atlante Ryto Saule, Aukse Ryto Saule and Arija Ryto Saule (Parents: ER, Se Montego Blue vom Egelschütz x Jetta Jewel alias Dakota).

 Jurga and her Team could achieve following great results:


 26.01.2019, Kaunas Winner 2019, Judge Mrs. Olga Sinko Kupriyanova, SVN

                                                                                        Atlante Ryto Saule (TV) Exc 1, JN, BOB, Best Junior

                                                                                          Aukse Ryto Saule (TV) Exc 2

                                                                                        Arija Ryto Saule (GR) Exc 1, JN, BOB, Best Junior

all in Youth Class.


And finally Atlante Ryto Saule BIG 3 under Judge Mr. Tomas Rohlin, DK !


27.01.2019, KIKA CUP 2019 Kaunas, Judge Mrs. Dainora Sudeikiene, LT


                                                                                        Atlante Ryto Saule (TV) Exc 2

                                                                                        Aukse Ryto Saule (TV) Exc 1, JN, Best Junior

                                                                                        Arija Ryto Saule (GR) Exc 1, JN, BOB, Best Junior

all in Youth Class


JN = Youth Winner


With this results, Jurga can now apply for the title „Lithuanian Youth Champion“ for Arija Ryto Saule.

Well done Team Ryto Saule – Jurga, Akvile, Gina & Gabriele !!

We are very proud and thankfull for showing Montego Blue's puppies.

Huge Congratulations and kisses from Montego Blue and his entire Team


19.01.2019 News about Rocket Man

We received the info, that Rocket Man de la Belgerie achieved the title "Latvian Junior Champion".

We are very happy and huge congrats to Loreta and Lukas.


17.12.2018 News from Norway

Today we received the info from Norway, that Montego Blue's daughter SECRET SPELL AV VIKHOLMEN was awarded

"Most Winning Groenendaler of the Year" by the Norwegian Kennel Club.

Montego Blue and the entire team are very proud!


16.12.2018 Amsterdam Winner Show, NL

The last Show in 2018 brought the Team and Montego Blue to Amsterdam, NL. Ontario Blue attended the Amsterdam Winner Show as a visitor. We've spent the day with nice talks to several friends, too.

Montego Blue started in a high-class staffed Champion Class. Judge was Mrs. Van Veen-Keur from the Netherlands. Several rounds within the slippery ring later, Montego Blue presented us a Christmas gift and was placed Exc1 – WOW! In addition he was awarded Res. CAC and CACIB – Well done Big Boy!

Montego Blue's daughter Hautesse Catch me if you can (Medusa) was placed VG 4 in Open Class Bitches. Also very well done and we are very proud of her, too.

We hope, all our friends arrived safely home under the snowy weather conditions.

Merry X-Mas and a happy New Year to all our friends and visitors.

See you 2019...



26.11.2018 News from Lithuania

NDS Kėdainiai  - Amadėjus Ryto Saulė - 
Very Promising & Best puppy

Jurgas girls passed obedience exam for beginners! And Arija took 2 place!!! Happy happy!!!

Arija Ryto Saulė 177 points from 180
Auksė Ryto Saulė 173 points from 180
Atlantė Ryto Saulė 167 points from 180



18.11.2018 Lillestrom, NO calling

Great news from Norway.......

At the Nordic Winner Show 2018 Secret Spell av Vikholmen (Dustin Dream av Vikholmen x Montego Blue vom Egelschütz)

achieved NORDIC WINNER 2018 under Judge Rob Douma.

Daddy and Team are very happy and proud.


28.10.2018 Weekend News

 Rania got her DNA Profile. 

I am very happy that she is SDCA 1 and SDCA 2 free.


Montego Blue today passed his